Who owns the NFTs copyright, creator, or purchaser?

Non-fungible tokes, or NFTs, are making the news headlines on a daily basis. They are unique, distinguishable, and non-interchangeable. You can put them in the category of assets.

But who owns the copyright of NFTs? Is it the creator, or is it the one who purchases it? This question has been circulating in people’s minds for a long time.

According to its definition, the copyright of the artwork belongs to the person who created it. An artist who sells his artwork has its copyright with him unless he sells the copyright as well. He can make similar copies of that artwork later. And even if the purchaser has the original artwork, he does not have its copyright. They cannot make a similar copy of the artwork, but they can resell it to another purchaser.

These general copyright rules apply to NFTs too. Since NFTs are still young, making up their rules and laws will take time. Rules will be made so that no parties are at a loss in the NFT economy.

Despite the various challenges, it is certain that non-fungible tokens are not fads. Our futures are digital, and they’ll be our partners and will open new opportunities for everyone.

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