Welcome To The NEAR Nft Club Guild

Welcome to the NEAR NFT Club Guild

Hi Guys!!!

A very warm greeting to fellow NEAR fans and all the blockchain enthusiasts. Welcome to the NEAR NFT Club Guild. With this short blog post, we wanted to put our reason why the NFT Club was needed, our Vision as to what NEAR NFT Club aims to achieve and what our followers should watch out for.


The NFT Club is founded by Naveen Kandwal with a strong belief that NFTs plays a major role to sustain global economy for billions of people because of digital transformation by the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Right now we have three core team members handling the following work

(1) Naveen Kandwal: Researcher and Digital Strategic Analyst

(2) Margik Baxi: Technical Advisor and Website Developer

(3) MadLensPixCell: Graphic Designer

All the team members in the team are associated with NEAR community since April 2021. The team belives that NEAR Protocol is the most promising L1 blockchain for NFTs as it is climate-neutral certified blockchain which makes it suitable for Climate Neutral NFTs the most promising solution to the energy consumption outrage right now other blockchains are facing to sustain NFTs in the network.

Why NEAR NFT Club is needed?

Currently NEAR has many marketplaces and dapps on NFTs having their own NFT segmentmented artists and collectors. Being NEAR as the L1 blockchain for all of these NFT dapps, their is a need of a single platform to introduce NEAR NFT dapps to all kind of NFT enthusiasts, Artists and Collectors to explore other dimensions of NFTs.

What NEAR NFT Club will do?

NFT Club is here to collaborate with all the developed and ongoing developing NFT dapps on NEAR covering the different segments like metaverse, gaming, arts, collectible, songs, etc.

The activities on NEAR NFT Club will attract non-technical blockchain enthusiasts to better understand and create NFTs on NEAR, Push out notifications of NFT dapps, and provide exposure to the Artists and Collectors.

Our Primary Goal Right Now

Create awareness about us and establish relationships within the diversified NEAR NFT dapps community.

Follow us on our various portals

Website: https://nearnft.club/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearNft

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nearnft/


Telegram: https://t.me/nearnftclub

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