NFTs are not just for digital art—and their popularity is growing.

NFT has become the most trending word nowadays. But people are still dubious about it not being a fad. Many are still of the opinion that NFTs are just for digital art. There is more to it than just being digital artworks.

The market capital of NFTs has been growing. For the top ten NFTs, it grew from 5 billion dollars to around 25 billion dollars in just nine months. NFTs help the NFT artists to have a more significant share of their artwork’s value.

But after several proofs, people still doubt the actual value of NFTs. It also led to a fall in the market in July 2021. Still, there are a large number of people who are coming up with better ideas to utilise NFTs. Digital covid vaccine passports are issued by using NFTs in San Marino. Moreover, even if art trading subsides, it will not affect the trade of NFTs.

Hence, we know that NFTs are not just for digital art. Their popularity is growing and can still grow. NFTs are the building blocks of tomorrow’s world which will run with the help of the crypto market.

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